"Anxiety" Oil on Wood. 16" x 18"

"Anxiety" detail

"Caught" Oil on wood. Approximately 18" x 15"

"Caught" - detail

"Driven" Oil on Wood. 30" x 15"


I have made artwork for as long as I can remember, but I came to painting later in life than most. My training in the fine arts was in the areas sculpture and design – disciplines that employed a third dimension. It is this background in sculpture that leads me to play with shapes of paintings in a way that other artists do not, usually shedding the default of the flat rectangle. Though I do use straight lines when I feel it is appropriate for the piece, I also exercise the freedom to create curves, textures and shapes. In my work, a frame is not just a means to cover an unattractive edge; it is an extension of the piece and a means of easing the boundary between fantasy and reality.

Each of my paintings is a glimpse into a twilight world – a place that exists only for those few hazy moments between waking and sleep. It is a place where fears and hopes have a face, and where desires are manifested into living, breathing beings. My creatures are the motivators that whisper in our ears and move us toward one particular action or another, or cause us not to act at all. Though this world may at first glance seem fantastical, the allegories represented there are very real. They are like dreams – at first, they may appear to be nonsense, but when examined, they reveal hidden truths that shrink from the light of day.


Painting, Art, Mixed Media